Trish Minogue Collins | A Friday Morning in Montauk

A Friday Morning in Montauk

June 16, 2017  •  1 Comment

There's nothing like catching sunrise in Montauk. If you've ever had the opportunity to to do it, you know what I mean. There is something spiritual about being at the very eastern end of this long island when the sun gives it its first "good morning" kiss. Despite the fact that this location is a trek for almost anyone, sunrise can draw a crowd on the weekend, which is one of the reasons my friend, Jan Shannon and I headed out there this Friday morning. We were greeted by the sound of birds and ocean waves, the scent of wild roses, and glorious solitude at the shore.

The best color on a morning like this is always about 20 minutes before sunrise, in my opinion. Jan and I got there in good time to enjoy the beautiful sky with the light from the lighthouse still visible.

Once the sun appeared on the horizon, the light changed from blue to honey gold. This rocky shore lends itself to the building of stone stacks. It's kind of a form of meditation. These mini structures certainly add a lot to the Montauk Point landscape.

There's one particular boulder in the water that regular visitors are familiar with. The surf was fairly calm this morning, but the small waves coming in contact with that boulder still sent up some fun sprays. 

The clouds and the light were just glorious this Friday morning. I was thankful sunrise was so early- I could enjoy it and still get back for work on time.

June is the perfect time to view the sun rising close to the Montauk Lighthouse, and Montauk daisies are in bloom! If you get an opportunity to experience it- you know what I would recommend! 


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You have some very nice work and some interesting captures.
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