Trish Minogue Collins | Sunrise From Captree State Park

Sunrise From Captree State Park

January 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ahhh, the weekend! It's great to have more time for the things we love, and for me, that means getting up even earlier than usual! I'm lucky to live on the Mastic Shirley Peninsula, because most days, I can get to Smith Point or to the bay before work. On weekends, however, I can venture further in hopes of capturing more of the beauty of Long Island. I have an app for checking where the sun will rise from different locations, and this morning, I chose Captree State Park, with the hope that the sun would rise near the Fire Island Lighthouse from there.

It's important to show up early when hitting a location you're not so familiar with. I was a little disappointed to see a cloud bank at the horizon when I arrived, but the lighthouse still looked beautiful in the gloom.

Fire Island LightFire Island Light Before long, it became apparent that there was a slight break in the clouds at the horizon. The glow that appeared showed that the sun was going to rise a bit to the right of where I wanted it.

Fire Island Light 2Fire Island Light 2 Luckily, I had a little room to move. I picked up my gear and ran along the beach to the fishing pier, where the glow lined up a bit better,

Fire Island Light 3Fire Island Light 3 Fire Island Light 4Fire Island Light 4 Dawn Glow at Fire island LightDawn Glow at Fire island Light Fire Island Light 5Fire Island Light 5 Fire Island Light- 6Fire Island Light- 6 Fire Island Light 7Fire Island Light 7 Fire Island Light 8Fire Island Light 8 Shooting here is fun, because you want to time the light from the lighthouse, as well as timing the sun and other elements of the photo. The sun was only visible for a few minutes.

Fire island Light 9Fire island Light 9 Fire Island Light 10Fire Island Light 10 Fire island Light 11Fire island Light 11 Once the sun was in the cloud bank, I had time to look around me. Besides the lighthouse, there's the Robert Moses water tower, the boat basin, the Captree Bridge, and those little houses in the bay. The sky got more interesting as the sun moved toward the top of the cloud bank.

Captree IslandsCaptree Islands I still had time for a quick trip over the bridge to Fire Island.

I got one last view of the lighthouse from Field 5 before the clouds took over. I headed home feeling really lucky the sun poked through when it did. Sunday mornings don't get better than this!



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