Trish Minogue Collins | Nor'easter of January 2017

Nor'easter of January 2017

January 24, 2017  •  5 Comments

This week a nor'easter hit the Mastic Shirley peninsula with predictions of high winds and flooding. I started my day just before dawn, which coincided with high tide in Mastic Beach. Since Superstorm Sandy, many houses down here have been raised up. Good thing, because the bay was taking over many of the streets.

The Section One Marina was overflowing.

Next, I headed over the Smith Point Bridge to Fire Island National Seashore. It wasn't quite high tide here, but the damage from last night's high tide was visible.

The ocean was pounding, with waves heights at around 7-8 feet and the wind blowing. The surf was an amazing sight!

Corduroy CurlCorduroy Curl High SeasHigh Seas My last stop was at the Smith Point Beach Hut area. Every winter, storms threaten the stairs, and this year is no exception.

The tide was still rising when I left. Stay tuned! Happy winter from the Mastic Shirley peninsula!



Wow...wonderful photos of the beach & storm Trish! Thanks for braving out in the wind and rain to capture!
Fran Cutro(non-registered)
Your pics of the pounding surf are amazing!
Helen DeVito(non-registered)
As always you captured nature beautifully. I am very thankful that I get to stay home and dry when you go brace the weather. I feel you are so talented.
Please never give up your art.
Barbar Lash(non-registered)
Trish fantastic pictures but its sad the damage that was done I can't believe the water came up to the stairs. Be careful out there.
Jennifer Belsito
Thanks for sharing the beauty Trish!!!
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