Trish Minogue Collins | Smith Point to Old Inlet Sunset Hike

Smith Point to Old Inlet Sunset Hike

November 05, 2016  •  6 Comments

After working all this Saturday with my ass in seat, I needed some exercise, so I hit the beach. I planned to stroll a bit, then head back to the Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) tower for sunset. It was coudy, but there was enough light reflecting on the sand to keep drawing me further down the beach.

This time of year I had plenty of company. This area is a fishing hotspot (though I didn't witness any catching) and a good number of people were enjoying the beach.


At one point the beach lit up! That was when I knew the sunset was going to be something special. 

There were lots of trucks parked at the inlet, with more heading down the beach. You need the federal permit if you want to do the same. In the distance I could see lots of fisherman in the water near the breach, and that in combination with the amazing sky made me realize I was going was going to walk all the way to Bellport Inlet (Old Inlet) for sunset.  Old Inlet Fishing FleetOld Inlet Fishing Fleet

This time of year, the sun sets straight across the inlet, and you can see the shade structure outlined at Ho-Hum Beach across from Bellport. It's a stunning sight! There seem to be communities of fishermen in different spots along the beach, and the new inlet community is quite an adventurous one, braving the crashing waves. 

When you walk to New Inlet for sunset, it's a fact that you will be returning in the dark. As a photographer, you also know the the sky can get quite dramatic after sunset. This night, it was gorgeous in all directions.


The hike round trip is about three miles. I like to embark about an hour and a half before sunset, because I'll get lost in my own world watching waves and birds, and scanning the shells and rocks. The way back is quicker, though if the moon is out, you'll be taking time to admire that as I do. On this night, the crescent moon peeked in and out of the clouds. It was a memorable sunset- well worth the hike- though I have never been sorry for being drawn all the way to Old Inlet.

Back to the FINS tower.




Beth Hansen(non-registered)
I now live near Philadelphia, but spent every summer in Brookhaven as a kid, then married a Bellport boy and lived there all through my 20's. I visit every year, but miss it every day. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the inlet and beach. It warms my heart to be a part of your walk to the breach. Thank you.

Beth Hansen
Kathleen Desiderio(non-registered)
Thanks for taking us on your journey. It was a picture perfect evening.
Trish Minogue Collins
Thanks, Gail and Patty. I appreciate your taking the time to look at it and give feedback! Vinny, the hike from Smith Point to the breach is about 3 miles round trip. Ho-Hum beach is the other side of the breach and is only access able by boat, or by a very long hike from points west.
Patty Mede(non-registered)
Loved the narration and the pictures are gorgeous Trish. Thanks for sharing xoxo
Gail ER(non-registered)
Love the photos and the narrating as I strolled along beside you; on another sleepless night from my very own bed.
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