Trish Minogue Collins | An Autumn Kayak Trip on the Upper Carmans River

An Autumn Kayak Trip on the Upper Carmans River

October 09, 2016  •  3 Comments

Peak colors are still a while off, but in my yearning for autumn splendor, I headed to the river. This particular trip requires some planning, since you can't paddle back to the launch site. My paddling partner and I headed to the haul out site in Southaven Park in time to catch a gorgeous sunrise, and to drop off a car.

Next we drove the truck with the kayaks to the head of the river in Yaphank, across from Lily Lake. An autumn mist was just rising on the river. This part of the river is shallow, narrow, and there are lots of low branches. Not easy, but a great little adventure!



We paddled under the Expressway, and then came to the railroad trestle. Unless you are brave enough to paddle down a three foot cement ledge, you have to get out here, maneuver over the ledge and get back in. The water is cold!

Train Trestle Arch


As you paddle down, the river widens. If you're quiet, you can sneak up on some wildlife. Some trees along the river are in full autumn dress, and marsh flowers are in bloom.



A White Tail Enjoying the River


Swan StretchSwan Stretch

A little more than halfway through the trip, you'll come to a dam. This is another spot will you will have to portage, though it it fairly easy to haul out on the shore and re-enter on the other side. It's also a pretty spot for a rest.


Autumn at the River Dam.

The river gets much wider below the dam. This is where all the swans and geese will be sharing the river with you. The swans aren't too happy about it, so I like to give them space. The total trip takes about 2 hours, though I usually like to linger. I hope you enjoy the photos. Get out there if you can!

Kings of Southaven Park


Russ Clock(non-registered)
Beautiful photos as always.
Trish Minogue Collins
Thank you, Linda. That's just what I hoped in presenting this.
Linda McParland(non-registered)
Just beautiful. Most informative for people who have never done this and may have limitations. Pictures are lovely. Brings back many memories of canoeing the upper Carmen. Thank you.
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